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The Positive Intelligence™ (PQ) Program

In a world filled with constant demands and distractions, maintaining mental well-being and achieving peak performance can feel like an uphill battle. But what if there was a proven system that could empower you to cultivate a more positive mind, enhance your performance, and foster healthier relationships? Enter the PQ Program—a revolutionary mental fitness program designed to help you unlock your full potential and thrive in all aspects of life.

Understanding the Positive Intelligence Program

The PQ Program is not just another self-help initiative—it's a comprehensive six-week journey towards mental mastery. At its core, the program aims to create sustained change by laying down neural pathways that form new habits through consistent daily practice. By leveraging the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology, the PQ Program equips you with the tools and techniques to reshape your mindset and transform your life.

Identifying Saboteurs and Cultivating Sage

Central to the PQ Program is the concept of Saboteurs and Sage—two opposing forces within your psyche. Saboteurs are the negative thoughts and patterns that hold you back, while Sage represents your inner wisdom and positivity. Through a Saboteur assessment at the onset of the program, you'll gain insight into your top Saboteurs, allowing you to confront and diminish their influence. Simultaneously, you'll work to amplify your Sage, nurturing a more optimistic and empowered outlook on life.

The 3 building blocks of Positive Intelligence: Self-Command Muscle, Saboteur Interceptor Muscle, and the Sage Muscle!

Guided Support and Community Connection

Embarking on the PQ Program is a collaborative journey guided by experienced coaches dedicated to your growth and success. Throughout the six-week program, you'll engage in daily practices, weekly focuses, and access the PQ gym—an interactive platform designed to support your progress. Additionally, you'll participate in Pods—small group discussions facilitated by your coach—where you'll find encouragement, accountability, and camaraderie among like-minded individuals on the same transformative path.

Building Mental Fitness for Life

At the heart of the PQ Program lies the opportunity to build powerful habits for a positive mind. By strengthening three critical mental muscles—your PQ Brain, PQ Heart, and PQ Body—you'll gradually shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs to your inner Sage. These mental muscles not only enhance your well-being and performance in the short term but also serve as lifelong tools for navigating the complexities of work and life with resilience and grace.

Embrace the Journey

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? The PQ Program offers a pathway to greater mental fitness, personal fulfillment, and meaningful connections. Whether you're seeking to overcome self-limiting beliefs, improve your relationships, or elevate your performance in all areas of life, the PQ Program provides the roadmap and support you need to thrive.

What the Positive Intelligence Program Includes

● PQ app - available on Apple and Android, as well as a desktop version

● Focus - weekly hour-long videos and daily 15-minute app-guided exercises

● Gym - includes guided sessions to practice and log PQ reps, a foundational practice for

building your mental fitness

● Community - the internal social network for the PQ Program

● Modules - lessons essential for completing the program

● Pod - support and accountability group, to meet once a week to discuss the week's


Get Started with PQ Straight Away!

Greatness awaits within you. Join the Positive Intelligence Program today and unleash the power of a positive mind. Your journey to wellness, performance, and positive relationships starts now.

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