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Online Academy

 Transform your life from the comfort of your home. 

At the core of The Reset, we believe in intentionally stepping off the hamster wheel (or disabling auto-pilot). Our carefully curated programs are designed to help you pause, reset, challenge your beliefs and assumptions, and provide a path to living intentionally in joy.

  • Intimate Group Coaching: we consciously keep our academy small, so we can dive deep and provide personalized support.

  • All programs come with support materials (e.g. workbook, toolbox, or app) to help you along your journey of self-development. 

  • Access to a community of peers to help you increase accountability 

  • Dedicated support of 2 extraordinary and joyful certified life coaches for the duration of the series and long after


All programs run in a group setting or can be conducted privately. Talk to us for more information!

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