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Transformational Resets

An overview of all that The Reset has to offer


Online Series

We offer 3 virtual, transformational series. All series include: 

- 5 sessions

- Intimate, small group setting

- All content + extras send to home before the start of the series

Expand - expanding awareness of who we are, what our core values are, how to build on those strengths. Create a sustainable plan to align values with daily living.

Explore  - exploring passions, energy, and drive. How to clarify and truly define what we want out of life, and how to set up a plan to get you what you want.

Embrace - embracing our full selves and the world around us. Aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions so life can be experienced fearlessly. 

The series can be planned on a private-group basis (4-10 people), or on a private 1:1 basis. 

Corporate Reset

Our corporate resets are created in collaboration, but we have a few starting blocks for you to build on:

  • Focus

  • Clarity

  • Growth

  • Joy

In addition to corporate programs, we also offer 1:1 Executive Coaching, based on the ELI 360 assessment: team members rate each other and themselves on 36 different leadership competencies that are associated with highly conscious, energetic leaders who motivate, inspire, and bring out greatness in others.


Attitudinal Reset:
Energy Leadership Assessment

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is the proprietary, research-backed assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future. An attitudinal assessment that transforms the way you communicate, view events and situations and provide feedback.

ELI assessments can be done on a 1:1 basis, as a once-off, or within a larger coaching conversation/program.

1:1 Coaching

Core Energy Coaching™ is a methodology focused on getting to the root (or “core”) of an individual’s challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block a client’s success. From this place, they can reduce stress, sustainably connect with their purpose and passion, and experience more fulfillment in all areas of life.

As Certified Professional Coaches, both Jomar and Sophie are trained to provide clients with the Core Energy Coaching methodology.



In-person retreats, across the world. By expanding, exploring and embracing, we invite you to Reset and live in Joy.

Retreats will be offered throughout the year.

Retreats can also be created on a private group basis.

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