Corporate Reset

How do we transform the business models, frameworks, thinking, and breathe life and energy back into our work and organizations?


One thing has become very clear: in order to sustain growth, thrive and evoke passion in our work life, transformation is essential. It is a futile exercise to continue to work in ways that no longer serve us, and continue to expect increased drive and result. Continuing to grind is resulting in ‘the Great Resignation’, employee burn-out, and lack-luster results and motivation. 

Our approach:  


The Reset guides teams and organizations through the process of taking stock of what they currently have available to them. From there we partner to start building, and transforming from that base-line forward to create change and redefine work in ways that maximizes everyone’s potential.  


Every company is different in values, ideals, focus and requirements. In recognizing that, we  design programs specifically tailored to accommodate the different dynamics each organization and team faces. Our approach is not about doing away with what you currently have and are working with. We do  not ask to invest in more ‘things’. Our focus is on the human potential. 


We harness the potential of every individual, assist in removing road blocks in order to energize and transform each employee; transforming the way they show up, their performance and their motivation.  


You have created a team by selecting each individual based on their potential. Time and resources have been allocated and spent, to train and develop each employee. To continue to grow and evolve, to pause and Reset can make all the difference. The Reset process allows teams and organizations to create momentum, shift gears, infuse energy, and provide clarity on how to move forward in ways that work.


In Resetting, companies and teams continue to grow, harness and develop their talent, so they cohesively and energetically show up. Resetting transforms and empowers everyone to deliver the results you know they are capable of!

Sustainable Results, Lasting Change & Support to Thrive Energetically

Our Starting Points



“Where your focus goes, grows”. The focus is on potential. We engage in working through the roadblocks, turn challenges into opportunities for growth, and transform reactionary thinking into creator thinking. 



Through the use of the 360 Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment, we overhaul the current ways the team communicates and engages in the feedback process. We create awareness, facilitate attitudinal adjustments, and provide feedback and alternatives, resulting in an invaluable transformation in how the organization communicates.



Develop the muscle for decisive decision-making that aligns with the work culture. Increase performance by increasing clarity on objectives and values; both from a company and individual point of view.



Recognize and celebrate the individual strengths of your team, and take advantage of that through transformational group skill building techniques. Here’s where the ‘i’ becomes part of the team, enabling both the individual, the team as well as the company to thrive.


Corporate Reset Experiences


Terry Ashoff Johnson,
P.E.O. chapter BM president

Recently, our women’s organization had our first in person meeting in over a year.  Because of all the challenges, disruptions and lack of meeting together, we decided we needed to have someone help us refocus on our core values and help provide us with a blueprint for the coming year. 

The Reset led us through a number of exercises that accomplished this. Most importantly, they helped us generate a feeling of positive energy and self confidence to deal with the future. 


Women@SFO planning Committee,
Google San Francisco

Thanks to you our Annual Summit was a Success! 

It's always great to take time to center in on what makes us tick, to reset, to reflect. It helped us find our true core selves. It was incredibly helpful and appreciated by our community! The impact - both personally and on the community - was greater than expected.

For all our corporate resets, we draw on the Energy Leadership Assessment, the 360° ELI assessment, and the COR.E Dynamics framework as taught by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), as well as The Reset method, exercises, and materials. 

At the core, we provide the opportunity to Reset and enable sustainable growth in all areas of life. Jomar Reschreiter and Sophie van het Erve are both certified professional coaches, and members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).