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Improve Your
Mental Fitness

Build the pillars of mental fitness to create sustained improvements in your performance, engagement, wellbeing, and relationships, while establishing a growth mindset.


 Emotional Intelligence


Improve Well Being

The PQ® Program

Build Powerful Habits for a Positive Mind 

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The Positive Intelligence Program™

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Positive Intelligence® (aka PQ®) is a mental fitness program that utilizes research-based tools to empower wellness, performance, and healthy relationships by laying down new neural pathways that form lasting positive habits. 


When you’re not mentally fit, you feel mental stress - anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness - as you handle work and relationship challenges. The bad news is that 80% of people score belowthe minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness. The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice.

Why Mental Fitness Matters

Want to unlock your full potential in work and life? It all starts with building mental fitness.

We all have those negative voices in our head - the "Saboteurs" that hold us back. They generate stress, doubt, and counterproductive emotions that undermine our performance, wellbeing, and relationships. Left unchecked, these saboteurs can seriously limit our success and happiness.

But there's good news. By developing the core muscles of mental fitness, you can quiet those Saboteurs and amplify the Sage within. You'll cultivate a growth mindset that allows you to handle challenges with less stress and greater clarity, creativity and resilience.

With some training and practice, you can make sustained improvements to your mindset and mental resources. This translates into better engagement, stronger relationships, and higher performance across all areas of life.


You'll be amazed at how much your potential expands when you build those mental muscles.

What to Expect

This is the right program for you if you are a) committed to improving your performance and effectiveness dramatically while reducing stress, b) looking for a science-based and trusted system to make it stick, and c) willing to put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that don’t serve you. 

But you don't have to do it alone - we've got you!


In The Reset Positive Intelligence Program, you'll get:

8 private coaching sessions (60 minutes)

PQ® app - available on Apple and Android, as well as a desktop version

● Year long access to the app from start-date

● Focus: weekly hour-long videos and daily 15-minute app-guided exercises

● Gym - includes guided sessions to practice and log PQ reps, a foundational practice for

building your mental fitness

● Community - the internal social network for the PQ Program

● Modules - lessons essential for completing the program

© 2023 Positive Intelligence, LLC. All rights reserved

The Positive Intelligence Program™: $1,899

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