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A collection of what The Reset clients are saying about us and their experiences 

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Vanessa G.

I attended the Expand Series in May 2021. I have done a fair bit of self-reflection and work to understand what is important to me in the past, so I was curious to see whether attending this series could provide additional value on this journey. It really did. The exercises were well thought through and going through them in a group setting helped me internalise what I learned. I’ve found that understanding my core values has made me more at peace with myself, and the goal setting framework has changed the way I think about challenges I face - especially at work.


Fantastic life coach, would recommend to anyone!

Jomar is a fantastic high energetic reliable  creative & well rounded life coach. Her nice & gentle style and support has helped me tremendously. I would not have believed so much positive change was possible before I started my sessions.

Jomar has helped with everything from finding solutions for my outlook in life, my attitude, my relationship to my spouse & kids and finding out what I really enjoy doing and being honest to myself. The work around values was really useful not just for the big decisions, but as a way of ‘sense checking’ in every day life!I can’t recommend her highly enough.Would recommend to anyone looking for some guidance and clarification.

Hanna D.

Working with Sophie has been invigorating. Every session helped me to organize my thoughts and truly understand what is important for me. The program has left me with increased clarity and energy towards where I'm heading. 

The exercises are structured and eye-opening and changed the way I approach challenges. I'd recommend her hands down. 


Thank you Jomar for helping me through this very challenging journey. When I felt so broken, you guided me through your kindness, your care, and your passion for your work as a Life Coach. You listened and you never judged.

I will always be grateful for your commitment to helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn't have gotten this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without your support.

I deeply value the time we've spent together.

The 1 Reset has been a game-changer for me. Jomar and Sophie have created some amazing exercises that have helped me get to the center of my energy, which in turn has helped me harness that energy and put it to good use! 

I always look forward to my sessions with Jomar, since I know I will be challenged and encouraged to explore my needs, goals, and values. I look forward to participating in the next retreat, no matter where in the world it is!

Denise L.

Sylwia F.

The 1 Reset is an amazing organization that has helped me to find new ways how to deal with problems, other people, myself and with life in general. Jomar has been the best life coach I've ever had. I had many therapist and psychologists I worked with over the years but she has been the most impactful and knowledgable in all aspects of life. She has helped me to make a tremendous personal improvement that I never knew it's possible. I honestly can't see my life without her lol...

Corporate Testimonials

Corporate Reset Experiences

Logo The Society of St. Vincent de Paul U.S.A.

Emily R, Director Drives and Partnerships
Core Values – I didn’t realize how important core values are to a team. I have values, but the idea that each individual person on your team has personal values and those values make up the core values of our department was a game changer for us. In discussions with The Reset, I mentioned I was worried about hiring a good seasonal team member that would fit well with our team. They asked me "what are our department’s core values?" I honestly didn’t know. I could have come up with a few, but I couldn’t really speak for my team.
The Reset recommended that we do a Core Values Workshop to learn what was important to us, so when we began interviews for this seasonal member we could clearly state to them what was important to our department. These core values were important to the whole team and not “just what the boss says.” That was really important to me. You can’t force someone to believe in the values you put in place. The Reset helped us figure out what we stood for and how to share those values with incoming team members.

Women@SFO planning Committee,
Google San Francisco

Thanks to you our Annual Summit was a Success! 

It's always great to take time to center in on what makes us tick, to reset, to reflect. It helped us find our true core selves. It was incredibly helpful and appreciated by our community! The impact - both personally and on the community - was greater than expected.

Google G Logo

Devon J.,
Google Team Manager, San Francisco

Sophie and Jomar hosted a team reset mid-year, when most were feeling pretty depleted.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect as a team on non-work initiatives, and get to know each other as people better.

We all felt a sense of trust from the onset and left with a positive outlook on each other and the rest of the year ahead. I can't thank them enough for our much needed adjustment!

Google G Logo

Terry Ashoff Johnson,
P.E.O. chapter BM president

Recently, our women’s organization had its first in person meeting in over a year.  Because of all the challenges, disruptions and lack of meeting together, we decided we needed to have someone help us refocus on our core values and help provide us with a blueprint for the coming year. 

The Reset led us through a number of exercises that accomplished this. Most importantly, they helped us generate a feeling of positive energy and self confidence to deal with the future. 

P.E.O. organization logo
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