The Reset

Transformational Coaching

To Live in Joy

Expand your Awareness. Explore your Passions. Embrace your Life.

Online Series

Three unique personal development group series designed to facilitate growth and transformation in a supportive group setting

Private Groups - On Demand


For organizations, teams and leadership teams who are interested to Reset, and re-align (or re-design) their vision, goals and team culture.

Created in collaboration


Intimate, private, luxurious, in-person retreats, across the world. By expanding, exploring and embracing, we invite you to Reset and live in Joy.

Locations: Portugal, U.S.A. and Greece (Puerto Rico to come shortly!)



Transformation comes from change, lasting change comes from becoming clear about your current moment, taking stock of all the habits, tools and pre-wired training you are currently working with, and taking a moment to decide what of that is serving you and you no longer want to use moving forward.  Realizing where the gap is, what the learning curve could look like, what those new habits are that are necessary to move to where you want to go to transform, is where the work of the Reset flourishes.


That gap is the pause. That is The Reset. 

We encourage and support this pause, reset and growth with uniquely curated experiences around the world and online. These experiences allow you to expand and challenge your current knowledge and ideas, and transform with lasting changes.


About Us

The Reset is a collaboration between Jomar Reschreiter and Sophie van het Erve. During their Professional Coaching journey, Jomar and Sophie met and connected over a love of travel, adventure, and a good glass of wine.

After many conversations, a shared vision crystallized: to live in joy.

Our mission is to facilitate joyous self-discovery opportunities virtually and around the world. 

At the core, we provide the opportunity to Reset and enable sustainable growth.

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Jomar Reschreiter

ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Dynamics

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Sophie van het Erve

ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Dynamics