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The Reset

We empower professionals who are determined to lead authentically and ignite real change in their teams, organizations, and personal lives. 

Lead with Passion

Ignite your Purpose

Master your Mindset

Elevate Impact

The Reset Method

Leadership Reset

The Leadership Reset model: Discovery, Awareness, Responsibility, Engagement, Design

Reset Model

The Reset Model: Team Coaching Culture, Self-Leadership and Mindset

The Reset Programs

The Reset programs are designed to offer tools and strategies to create meaningful change and elevate the leaders' impact on themselves and those around them.

The Reset's goal is to support visionary leaders who want to develop thriving environments where joy, passion, and fulfillment flourish. 

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We Are
The Reset

The Reset is a collaboration between Jomar and Sophie. Think a mix of Latin passion, Dutch groundedness, American boldness with European commonsense and you get us. 


Our Mission

Transforming the way leaders approach work, life and everything in between, with the aim to enhance focus, passion, and alignment with purpose.


Joyful and impactful leadership is possible!

Companies We've Worked With

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What Our Clients Say

Wight Horse

This program has given me preparation for leadership in both the professional world and in my personal life. I will apply these concepts to my everyday life and grow in all aspects of a person due to them!



Sophie and Jomar hosted a team reset mid-year, when most were feeling pretty depleted.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect as a team on non-work initiatives, and get to know each other as people better.

We all felt a sense of trust from the onset and left with a positive outlook on each other and the rest of the year ahead. I can't thank them enough for our much needed adjustment!


Recently, our women’s organization had its first in person meeting in over a year.  Because of all the challenges, disruptions and lack of meeting together, we decided we needed to have someone help us refocus on our core values and help provide us with a blueprint for the coming year. 

The Reset led us through a number of exercises that accomplished this. Most importantly, they helped us generate a feeling of positive energy and self confidence to deal with the future. 


Positive Intelligence

Rewire your brain’s neural pathways in order to increase performance, improve wellbeing and strengthen relationships. App based, with a daily guided focus, ensuring increased consistency and accountability.



Self Leadership

Self-leadership is the cornerstone of personal and professional success. It's the art of taking charge of your own life, setting meaningful goals, and inspiring yourself to achieve them. 


Leading Through Coaching

Elevate your impact as a leader through mastering conflict resolution, fostering trust within your team, and instilling a culture of mutual accountability.

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