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Background photo with grains in the wind

We are excited to welcome you to our

Renew Retreat

Realign, Refocus & Thrive

with a 1-day Reset

Join our empowering one-day experience for women to clarify goals, tap into your energy, enhance joy, find a supportive community, and create a thriving life

Background photo with grains in the wind
Background photo with grains in the wind


Life can sometimes get overwhelming, leaving us feeling disconnected from our goals and dreams. We'll redefine how we set goals, and refresh our priorities by aligning our plans with our values & feelings.


It's easy to get pulled in 100 different directions. Knowing where and how to spend your energy will lift not just one, but all aspects of your life.


Gift yourself one day to surround yourself with a supportive community of women, feed your soul with laughter and wisdom, your body with the amazing food from Sebze Lisboa, and tap into the potential of this wonderful experience we call life!


The Details:

July 29th

10.30h - 18.30h

Armazém Soul, Lisbon

Early Bird: € 149


Welcome with Tea & Fruit

Lunch provided by Sebze Lisboa

2 energizing, activating and insightful workshops, facilitated by 2 certified leadership coaches: Jomar Reschreiter and Sophie van het Erve

Closing with a glass of wine

A supportive community of wonderful women

Background photo with grains in the wind
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