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Future Vision Clarity

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Future Vision Clarity Session:

This is a transformative 90-minute virtual experience designed to redefine your 2024 journey! Say goodbye to routine resolutions, and hello to a year filled with purpose, focus, and boundless motivation.

Raised hand in forest: welcoming change

In a Future Vision Clarity Session You Will

Discover Your True Ideal life

Uncover the aspirations that truly resonate with you. We'll guide you through a process of self-discovery to gain a crystal-clear understanding of what you want to achieve in 2024, and in life.

Prioritize Your Focus

Before you work on an Action Plan and Goals, you need to know what you truly want from and in life.

Identify and prioritize the key areas that deserve your full attention and dedication. We'll help you streamline your focus, ensuring your energy is directed towards what truly matters.

Shift Your Motivation

Ignite the flame within! Our session is crafted to revitalize your motivation, leaving you with the energy and determination needed to pursue your dream life.

Why Choose the Future Vision Clarity Session?


Tailored to You: Our approach is personalized to your dreams and your vision of YOUR ideal life.


Proven Results: Join the many individuals who have experienced a transformative shift in their mindset and achieved their dream goals.


Tailored Action Plan: Our session goes beyond generic advice: we work collaboratively with you to develop a personalized action plan tailored to your specific vision. 


Expert Guidance: Led by trained and accredited professionals skilled in unlocking your full potential.


Sustainable Mindset Shift: It's not just about clarifying your focus, your mission, and setting goals; it's about cultivating a mindset that sustains your journey.

Brittany K.

"When I booked the Future Clarity Session, I was in a season of anxiety, stress, and frustration. I felt stuck, not in control, and I wanted to start on a plan to create the life I want. This session not only guided me to identify and focus on my five main priorities but also equipped me with a mindset that turned my once-deemed 'too ambitious' dream into reality. Now, it's a year later, and I realize: I managed to achieve my 5 ambitious goals, and I'm living the life I envisioned!
The Future Vision Clarity Session isn't just a spark; it's a catalyst for real and lasting change. If you find yourself at a similar crossroads, I'd recommend you book a session!"

Luise W.

"I've done many sessions in different contexts, business, life coaching, personal growth. The session with Sophie was the first in which I was able to fully engage in the tasks. Her neutral yet sensitive manner hits my nerve: professional setting and yet sensitive. Especially the "5-year vision session" gave me a pleasant clarity. What do I want, and above all, what do I not want.
What are the important components that I want to focus on, that I want to expand on and prioritize, and what are outdated expectations and patterns that I only carry around with me out of habit.
I keep coming back to this vision with a bright smile, take a deep breath and reprioritize my to-dos accordingly.
For me, this clarity, this focus, is crucial as a solopreneur, especially when I'm torn with all my to-do's. This session was super valuable, and I have recommended and given it to many others. Best investment!"

Nine M.

"The Future Exploration Exercise helped me gain a much clearer sense of what I want my future to look like. In this session, I was guided in exploring my deepest values and aspirations, and it helped me develop a plan for how to achieve them. I was amazed at how much more focused and motivated I felt after completing this exercise. Overall, I would highly recommend this session to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. The guidance, support, and expertise have been truly invaluable to me, and I am so grateful for the progress I have made through this!"
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Book with Jomar

Jomar Reschreiter, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, Cor.e dynamic specialist, Positive Intelligence accredited - founder of The Reset, executive, and transition coach.


Prior to coaching, Jomar spent nine years working in advocacy, funding, and program development for 3 NGO’s (The International Rescue Committee, PEO, and Mothers Grace). After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a BS in Hotel Management and BA in Dance, Jomar moved to work in hospitality for 10 years all over the U.S. and China.


All these varied experiences have given way to a keen understanding of the importance of managing transitions in an ever-evolving world. This along with a sense of humor and out-of-the-box thinking are the basis for her coaching work.

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Book with Sophie

Sophie van het Erve, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, Cor.e dynamic specialist - founder of The Reset, transition and leadership coach.

Prior to founding the Reset, Sophie spent ten years in the corporate world working for sales teams at Oracle and Google. After finishing her Master's degree in International Business at the University of Maastricht, she located to Dublin, Ireland, after which she packed up once again to settle in San Francisco, U.S.A. . Currently, she calls Lisbon, Portugal her home.


Sophie's coaching is infused with her Dutch no-nonsense attitude, her business-solution focus, and explorations into mindfulness practices through meditation, massage, and yoga.


Sophie's interests are wide-ranging and ever-changing, but travel, horseback riding, yoga, reading, and cooking/baking have solidified themselves as permanent.   

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