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Life Mastery: Expand, Explore and Embrace Series


5 Weeks

About the Course

These 3 series can be taken individually, and no set order is required if you wanted to experience not just 1 series, but 2 or even all 3!

Expand Series:

Transform your Presence & Confidence

The Expand Series is our foundational 5 week online series designed to transform you, strengthen your confidence, clarify your ultimate goals, and solidify your powerful presence.

Create the life that you envision for yourself ánd embrace your talents, authentically and unapologetically. 

  • Boost Confidence ​ Know who you are and what you stand for. It’s not bragging when it’s true.

  • Create a Powerful Presence​ Use your strengths to authentically command a powerful presence at all times.

  • Define your Ultimate Goal Prioritize your ultimate goal so you can create a laser-focus strategy.

  • Remove Doubt ​Commit yourself fully to reaching your goals without being sidetracked by doubts.

  • Reduce Procrastination When you understand your why, when you have no doubt in your abilities, when you feel strong, there is no way you are not going to put in the work.

5 consecutive weeks (4 x 90 minutes, 1 x 60 minutes), conducted over Zoom


Explore Series:

Boost Your Motivation & Drive

Have you ever had an idea but are not quite sure where to start? Or are you working on smaller goals but not that big scary dream? Do you struggle to create a consistent structure to get you to where you want to go? The Explore Series is our 5 week online series that will transform the way you tackle your daily activities. Understand what you truly want, create a structure that will boost your drive and motivation, and design a strategy that will make you unstoppable!

  • Define your Bold Plans A goal without a plan is just a wish. Clarify what it is you truly want to create and design your tailor-made plan of action.

  • Establish a Daily Structure that Works for You Achieve your plans while enjoying the process as much as the end destination. Create a structure that works for you personally, in an energizing and sustainable way

  • Create a Clear Roadmap ​Knowing what you want is step one. Knowing how to get there is pivotal to success.

  • Take Decisive Action Solidify your commitment to yourself, and find the key to what empowers you. Create an iron-clad formula to take decisive action.  

  • Boost Drive and Motivation Discover how to boost your motivation and accelerate your growth.

5 consecutive weeks (4 x 90 minutes, 1 x 60 minutes), conducted over Zoom


Embrace Series:

Grow and Cultivate your Inner Wisdom

Allow for a reset and embrace a more positive way of living our lives: when our thoughts are aligned with a kinder version of ourselves, not including that negative self-talk and all those judgments we get to embrace our lives as is. In these 5 weeks, you will embrace the power to:

  • Get Out of your Head Our minds can be powerful motivators or our worst critics. You decide which charactor your want to shine the spotlight on

  • Move from Paralysis to Action Too many choices and decisions can create overwhelm, sticking to perfection can keep us stuck, allowing paralysis to take hold. Break the chains by taking action

  • Reframe your thinking Learn the F.A.C.T.S. that will allow you to reframe your thoughts in your favor

  • Tame your inner critic Quiet that critical voice that keeps you from playing at your full potential   

  • Embrace your creative power Discover how to boost your motivation and accelerate your growth  

5 consecutive weeks (4 x 90 minutes, 1 x 60 minutes), conducted over Zoom

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