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Photo of Dandelion by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Expand Together

A 90-minute workshop for you and your friends to Expand Together!

Virtual Meeting Room

90 minutes to Reset & Transform!

Gather your tribe, your friends and take 90 minutes to Reset intentionally. Start transforming your decision-making and gain clarity.

Want to define what you really want?

  • Know what drives you?

  • How to make decisions you feel good about?

  • Are you eager to define it, ánd yourself?

Gain momentum with your group, cheer each other on and get to know each other on a new level.

Let's play & grow together!

The Expand Together workshop is a group coaching experience. Through coaching exercises, coaching conversations and life coaching questions, we explore and expand our understanding of our true selves!

You can book as a group, or each of you books individually
(minimum of 4 participants required)

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