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What is Core Energy Coaching?

Core Energy Coaching™ is a methodology focused on getting to the root (or “core”) of an individual’s challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block a client’s success. From this place, they can reduce stress, sustainably connect with their purpose and passion, and experience more fulfillment in all areas of life.

As Certified Professional Coaches, The Reset coaches are trained to provide clients with the Core Energy Coaching methodology.

Traditional Coaching Techniques

Most coaching methodologies are action-oriented—focused on identifying goals, creating a series of steps to meet those goals, and then providing accountability to keep the client moving forward.

This approach can be extremely effective in the short run while the client’s enthusiasm and energy are running high. Unfortunately, their ability to sustain the outcome and repeat the process usually deteriorates over time. This is a case where the “problem” is not really the problem—it’s just a symptom of the internal beliefs that the client unconsciously follows.

Without recognizing and addressing these underlying patterns, it’s far less likely that they will gain a deeper understanding of their behavior, shift their hidden thoughts and emotions, and create sustainable change and momentum. While they might achieve their initial goals, the process may not be repeatable without outside help.

Transformational Coaching… from the inside out

In contrast, transformational coaching operates from an inside out approach.

Many clients come to coaching with an “outer” goal in mind—for example, maybe they want a promotion, less fighting with their spouse, or a dream of traveling across the globe.

But with Core Energy Coaching, we start the process “inside,” where we find the root of most challenges and blocks to success, including limiting perspectives about the world, defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs unconsciously picked up from family, society, and the media.


Scrabble letter blocks spelling SHIFT HAPPENS

Many of these thoughts and feelings live under the surface, hidden from the client’s awareness, and are huge drivers of unproductive choices and behaviors.

Through our certifications, we have received specialized training to uncover these inner blind spots, gently bring awareness to the client, and shift these inner blocks to cultivate new perspectives and helpful beliefs that support the client’s success from a deep and sustainable level.

As more and more inner blocks are cleared, the client feels more comfortable and less stressed about the topic at hand (and life in general)! As the client also uncovers their deepest passions and motivators, a recipe for radical and sustainable success is set in motion.

This isn’t a linear process. It’s a highly creative one, with coach and client as equal partners. At all stages of the process, the client takes the lead—choosing the experiences they’d like to have in life, giving permission for inner shifts to take place, and providing the wisdom and answers that best serve their goals. The coach is there to facilitate the process as the client uncovers their own brilliance and unlocks their infinite potential.

Core Energy Coaching: Backed by Research

The Core Energy Coaching practice is founded on more than 10,000 hours of research and application over the course of 30 years. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in:

  • Psychotherapy

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

  • Mentoring

  • Consulting

  • Quantum physics

  • Metaphysics

  • Adult and accelerated learning theories

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership development

  • Theories of conscious evolution

A hand holding glasses, and clear image of nature is seen through the lenses

A 2018 quantitative research study provides clear evidence that a shift in core energy is a primary driver of positive change in the participant’s lives. Through Core Energy Coaching, our clients learn to harness their own power, thus becoming more evolved human beings and more effective leaders with greatly increased chances of achieving satisfaction in life, work, and relationships.

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