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Ready to redefine yourself? 

Redefine how you lead - yourself ánd others: work with your values, your personality, your dreams to make the impact you desire.

"Redefine" is a structured program focused on knowing who you truly are (your values, your goals), knowing what you do (your behaviors, your motivations), knowing what you need to learn, and how to use what you know will set you up for success.

Your success, defined by you (and not society's standards).

Re-Define Leadership Program

How do we create our dream, keep stress at bay and ensure that we have sprinkles of joy in our daily lives while standing firm in our conviction we can do better? 

Whether you are a co-founder or entrepreneur, a remote worker or digital nomad, or work for a small or large corporation: creating a healthy life / work balance, setting priorities and boundaries, presenting yourself with executive presence and confidence, and setting ambitious and clear goals are challenges most of us recognize.


It’s a fine balance, and what I have discovered over the years … is that there unfortunately is no silver bullet. There is no magic. But there is conscious work (a lot less sexy, I know!). Making the right choices, for you, to commit to the way you want to live your life, while creating success.

Intimate Group


This program will run as a small group (max. 4to make sure that we create a safe container in which we all feel we can be 100% our authentic selves, we have plenty of time to share our learnings and stories, and theories can be individualized so that you can truly create your success formula. 

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8 weeks - virtual

In 8 weeks, we will not just go through some life-changing frameworks and theories, we will actually start applying them to your daily life and finetuning them as we go along. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it: "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself". These 8 weeks will help you live the life you want.


While we work to increase the joy so you can live your life to the fullest, we will focus not only on maximizing your energy by getting the most out of your days, but also on decreasing interference: slowing down or cutting off those parts that no longer work for you. 

We will utilize proven frameworks, theories and assessments, but we will make sure to individualize them to your life. 

We will meet once a week over Google Meets, you will receive a hardcopy of the work-book and a notebook, have a Whatsapp group for support and accountability, and in-between-sessions support through private text with me, plus an option for 1:1 call when stuck. 

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Increasing Performance 

Performance is not just how an executive performs in a team meeting, an entrepreneur negotiates a contract, or a remote worker has a difficult conversation with a team member.


Performance encompasses all the various inner and outer elements that help or hinder you in whatever task you undertake. We all perform to a certain extent, all the time. 


Would you like to be

  • More focused

  • More confident

  • More consistent

  • More engaged 


And like to have access to a systematic approach, that you can repeat over and over again? This is your program.

Create your own Success Formula with Me

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Hi! I'm Sophie - originally Dutch, I have lived in Belgium, South-Africa, Ireland, USA (San Francisco), and now call Lisbon my home. For 10 years I used to work for large American companies (Oracle and Google), and understand the requirements and demands of a corporate, fast-paced job. I consciously chose to make a change. Together with my coaching-partner Jomar, I founded The Reset: a transformational coaching company to facilitate "resets" to live in joy. 

Working with fellow (solo)entrepreneurs, co-founders and people in general - I have found that stress is taking so much joy out of our everyday lives. Over the years, I have created my life in such a way that it brings me joy, and minimizes the negative impact of stress as much as possible (I do not believe that you can eliminate stress altogether, nor do I think that is something we should aspire to).


I made all these changes by consciously making small but consistent changes, by applying all of the frameworks and theories I have included in this program. I started without guidance, after which a coach helped me to make impactful changes in a more streamlined way.


My dream is to live in joy, and to create a community of like-minded people that choose to do the same. By offering these programs, I hope to make it easier for you to make changes that last, to transform your life in a way that suits you, and with the benefit of structure and guidance, so it won't take you years and years (like it did for me) to see the impact!

Looking for a full day or half-day Reset day in Lisbon? Take a look at our "One Day Reset"

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How do I sign up?

Talk to me: book a call 

Book a 30 minute call to talk through any and all questions you have (of course free, and with no expectations)

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