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The Reset- Online Series

To Reset~verb

to set again or differently.  To enter the state representing the numeral 0. 

Oxford Language Dictionary 

At the core of The Reset, we believe in intentionally stepping off the hamster wheel (or disable auto-pilot), taking a moment to pause and reset. We offer the idea of going within to rekindle the joy, even during our most challenging seasons. 

Our Online series consists of 4 sessions of 90 minutes, and one of 60 minutes. Our carefully curated series is designed to help you pause, reset, challenge your beliefs and assumptions and provide a path to living intentionally in joy. Together we grow, create and expand / explore / embrace within our micro community.  The highly interactive, core defining and ever changing pace will ensure this is not like anything you have experienced before.

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With our Expand Series we start at the core; with self discovery, self-acceptance and self-compassion.


Private Groups - On Demand


Creating clarity of what it is you truly want, and how to get there by creating goals you feel energized and motivated by!

Private Groups - On Demand


Transforming how you show up in your daily life by channeling the strength of your inner voice to be a positive force will enable you to control how you approach your relationships, jobs, and life.

Private Groups - On Demand

Our Master Design

  • Small groups (4-10 participants)

  • Intimate community setting

  • The Reset Box: a curated box to provide you with all that you need for the series plus a bit of extra joy

  • Intentional time for self-discovery and growth

  • Through deep dives, explorations of core values, and the harnessing of your unique strengths we reset and create an intentional path forward.  We facilitate the state of getting down to zero and resetting from the core out

  • You can count on your fellow Resetters to join in the journey, and learn from each other 

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